Monday, June 20, 2011

Night Shift Woes

My blogging has been sporadic because I am in the midst of my night rotation, but after this week I am back on days :)
Keeping on track is truly difficult for me when I work nights because I have to sleep during the day. When I wake up, I eat something light and go straight to work. Depending upon my patient load, I might have time to eat (recently I have not) or I sit around grazing all night to keep myself awake. After work, I am usually so dead tired that I go to sleep as soon as I get home, meaning no time to exercise. I have to work on a plan to remedy this night shift rut I get into so I can begin to make some real progress.
I am pretty sore though because a couple of nights ago I had a real workout at work which involved pushing for a long time and playing tug of war (my OB RNs will know exactly what I mean!) I officially joined weight watchers and have begun tracking my points. I really like the points plus system and I hope it works out for me!
Headed back to sleep because I am back to Babyland tonight!

- Ash

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